Helping Corporate and Private Clients
Reach Their Financial Goals

Unique personalized services backed by decades of experience

A Full Service Broker-Dealer

Joseph Gunnar & Co., LLC was founded in 1997 as a full service broker-dealer dedicated to assisting investors achieve their financial goals by providing a full array of investment products and vehicles to private and corporate clients. We pride ourselves on our personalized service not often available at many "bulge bracket" firms. We are a member of FINRA & SIPC.

Our Commitment is Simple

We are committed to assisting our valued private clients achieve their financial goals ranging from wealth accumulation, to funding a college education, to planning for retirement, to creating shareholder value.

Client Relationship – Disclosure Documents

Advisory Disclosure Documents

A unique array of investment products and services

Our product and service offerings provide our private and corporate clients a competitive advantage. As a result of years of relationship building, our private clients have access to investment opportunities not readily available at our larger competitors. Our boutique approach to our corporate clients provides for a value-added component to basic financings not typically experienced at bigger firms.

Access to investments in rapid-growth, pre-IPO companies

Our affiliate, Buttonwood Group Advisors, manages a family of Private Investment Funds that provide retail and institutional investors access to investments in rapid-growth, pre-IPO companies.

A Boutique Approach to Our Corporate Clients

Whether you're a publicly or privately held company, our complete menu of investment banking capital raising and advisory solutions will help you reach your financial goals.

We offer a full suite of services:

Advisory Services

Traditional and Niche Private Client Investment Products and Services

Our customized, one-on-one consultative services help our private clients reach their personal financial goals.

Private Clients Services

Backed by Decades of Experience

Our Senior Leadership Team exemplifies our firm's commitment to the industry and to the continued success of our clients.

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